SeatMate: Pet Office Furniture with an Easy Access Ramp

The Office Chair Designed for You and Your Pet to Spend All Day Together

Launch time: 2024.5.7
SeatMate has introduced an innovative office chair designed for pet owners who want to work alongside their pets. This unique piece of office furniture allows pets up to 50 lbs, including small to medium-sized dogs and cats, to comfortably accompany their owners at work. Developed after extensive feedback and multiple prototypes, the chair features industry-leading comfort, a built-in ramp to prevent joint issues in pets, and a machine-washable seat cover for easy maintenance. The ramp is especially beneficial for older or mobility-challenged pets, reducing the risk of injuries like intervertebral disc disease. Additionally, the chair is portable and can be easily moved around the workspace. SeatMate’s chair combines functionality with aesthetics, offering various color and fabric options to fit different office styles. This pet-friendly office chair by SeatMate aims to make workdays more productive and enjoyable for both pets and their owners.