memobento – Convenient Lunchbox and Container System

Take the pain out of packing lunch - memobento removes the daily ritual of cleaning and packing your lunchbox.

Launch time: 2024.5.7
The memobento lunchbox system revolutionizes the process of packing lunches by eliminating the need for daily cleaning and packing. This system allows users to prepare meals in advance, using swappable silicone Bento Containers that can be cleaned at your convenience, eliminating the need to wash the lunchbox daily. Ideal for families or meal-preppers, memobento enables you to simply swap a pre-loaded container each day, making lunch preparation effortless. The system encourages creativity in meal preparation, allowing users to bake directly in the containers, freeze meals for future use, and color-code lunches for better organization. This convenience and flexibility make memobento a practical solution for busy lifestyles.