Fyro T22 Backpack; Your Portable Command Center

Feel invincible with a modern work bag that keeps you streamlined & at the top of your game.

Launch time: 2024.5.7
The Fyro T22 Backpack is designed to be a portable command center, enhancing efficiency and security with its numerous innovative features. This modern work bag includes a unique front compartment called The Hatch, which offers easy access to essentials through a hand-crafted lid, N52 magnets for secure closure, and a waterproof YKK #7 zipper. It provides quick access to items, has three customizable pockets, and an exclusive Zip-Snap system for locking. Additionally, the backpack features a strong nylon loop, Hypalon zipper, and steel rivet for tamper-proof security. It also includes a reimagined hydration system with the Fyro HydroLock®, allowing for both functionality and style. The backpack can expand by 18% for additional capacity and includes a hidden vault compartment for enhanced security. Other features include a self-standing design, quick access wallet pocket, and a custom lining for easy visibility of contents, making it a streamlined and secure choice for carrying daily essentials.