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Trending Crowdfunding Projects in the Fourth Week of May 2024

As we enter the fourth week of May 2024, the crowdfunding landscape is buzzing with innovative projects that promise to revolutionize various aspects of our daily lives. From high-speed chargers and precision kitchen appliances to versatile multi-tools and cutting-edge health tech, these trending campaigns are capturing the imagination and support of backers worldwide. Leading the charge is MELLO, the world’s sleekest high-speed charger, designed for use in 180+ countries, followed by Fat TONY, a precision pizza oven that brings the art of Neapolitan pizza-making to your backyard. For those seeking smarter, more compact measurement tools, the NeoRulerGO is a game-changer, while the AcePick offers a unique titanium quick-release toothpick and multi-tool. Dive into these exciting projects and discover how they can enhance your everyday experiences.

1. Kickstarter - MELLO The World's Sleekest High-Speed Charger 180+ Countries
  • Launch time: 2024.5.14
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 37,484
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 445 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 749%

Mello is a sleek, powerful charger compatible with 180+ countries, featuring 20W GaN charging technology for lightning-fast speeds. Designed to simplify your tech life, Mello supports a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, MacBooks, smartwatches, and iPads, eliminating the need for multiple chargers. Its compact, foldable design fits easily on a keyring and weighs only 28 grams, ensuring portability and durability. Mello’s elegant appearance makes it a statement piece, while its functionality provides up to 3x faster charging than standard chargers. Ideal for travelers, Mello’s universal compatibility and convenience ensure your devices are always ready, whether for meetings or adventures.

2. Kickstarter - Fat TONY The precision pizza oven
  • Launch time: 2024.5.14
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: € 417,719
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 1,094 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 1193%

Fat TONY is a gas-powered pizza oven with innovative digital heat management, designed to ensure perfect homemade pizzas every time. This oven features dual zone heat monitoring, allowing you to precisely track the heat stored in the stone and the ambient temperature in the baking chamber. When the display’s outer ring lights up green, it’s time to bake. The efficient L-shaped burner provides consistent, high heat, enabling you to bake your pizza with just one turn. With a heat shield, Fat TONY can reach up to 650°C (1200°F) and preheat in about 20 minutes, even in windy conditions. Its gas operation is user-friendly and adheres to high safety standards. Designed in Germany over two years with numerous prototypes and tests, Fat TONY combines award-winning design and cutting-edge technology for the ultimate pizza baking experience.

3. Kickstarter - NeoRulerGO Carry Smaller, Measure Smarter
  • Launch time: 2024.5.14
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 452,784
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 611 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 2263%

The NeoRulerGO is a compact, precise rolling ruler that delivers everyday measurement accuracy of ±1mm. It includes 93 built-in scales for measuring any shape, centered on its rolling wheel, and uses a laser for precise corner alignment. Accompanying the NeoRulerGO is the innovative NeoPencil and its case, the NeoPencil Mini, which features replaceable graphite tips and an ErgoHold Grip, offering sustainable and long-lasting marking equivalent to 50 traditional pencils. The NeoPencil Case, designed for both functionality and elegance, easily clips onto the NeoRulerGO and houses the durable, premium aluminum alloy NeoPencil. This versatile tool also includes a multi-color rotating nib and a stand that doubles as an eraser, combining sophisticated design with practical utility.

4. Kickstarter - The AcePick - Titanium Quick Release Toothpick & Multi-tool
  • Launch time: 2024.5.13
  • Pledged In 48 Hours: US$ 9,940
  • Backer In 48 Hours: 210 Backer
  • 48 Hours To Reach Goal: 198%

The AcePick is a compact, innovative EDC tool crafted from GR5 titanium, featuring a quick-release, bolt action, and hidden cutter design. This versatile mini tool combines a toothpick and box cutter, allowing for easy one-handed detachment from a keychain. The toothpick serves multiple functions beyond dental hygiene, such as a SIM card ejector, fruit fork, dust cleaner, and latte art needle, while promoting eco-friendliness by replacing countless wooden toothpicks and dental floss. The hidden cutter handles various tasks like box cutting, wire stripping, and more, and can also function as a small pry bar or flint striker. Designed to be lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant, the AcePick unlocks a world of possibilities, making it an essential everyday tool.

5. Kickstarter - World's First Spliceable 2-in-1 Charging&Data Storage Cable
  • Launch time: 2024.5.15
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 45,489
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 324 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 909%

AOHi MagFlash is the world’s first 2-in-1 spliceable cable, combining storage and charging functions in a single, portable device. It features 512GB of storage and supports up to 240W of charging power, allowing it to charge a MacBook Pro 16″ to 56% in just 30 minutes. With USB 3.2 Gen2 high-speed transfer, it offers lightning-fast read and write speeds up to 1000MB/s. The ultra-lightweight design, at just 0.74oz, makes it easy to carry, and its customizable lengths, from 5cm to 3.3 meters, cater to various needs. Equipped with a USB-C port, it connects seamlessly to a range of devices, including laptops, phones, and cameras. The durable construction includes a 3-Stage LED Indicator, Aluminum Alloy Frame, and Liquid Silicone Outer Cover, ensuring quality and reliability. AOHi MagFlash is the ultimate solution for data storage and rapid charging on the go.

6. Kickstarter - Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole
  • Launch time: 2024.5.18
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 60,202
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 396 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 301%

The Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole is a versatile porcelain baking dish and lid, humorously decorated with images of famous inconveniences like pterodactyls and zombie poodles to remind you how good life is. Made of top-quality porcelain with hand-applied decoration in a traditional Czech workshop, this oven-safe, food-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe dish holds 2.5 quarts (2400 mL). The in-glaze technique used gives it a museum-quality finish. This unique casserole, featuring playful details such as pirates and sea monsters, is designed to support your cooking projects and become a treasured family heirloom.

7. Kickstarter - Fusion Keyboard 2.0 4-in-1 Keyboard with Invisible Touchpad
  • Launch time: 2024.5.14
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 23,489
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 212 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 469%

The Fusion Keyboard 2.0 by Mokibo is a 4-in-1 device that combines a keyboard, invisible touchpad, case, and kickstand, offering unparalleled portability and functionality. Its innovative design features a touchpad integrated into the keys, allowing seamless transitions between typing and navigation without moving your hands. This compact keyboard is 40% smaller than typical small keyboards, making it ideal for on-the-go use while keeping your workspace clutter-free. It supports pairing with up to three devices and is compatible with multiple operating systems, including macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. The keyboard’s multi-touch area is three times larger than average laptop touchpads, providing intuitive gestures like pinch-to-zoom and multi-finger swipes. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 LE for a stable wireless connection, the Fusion Keyboard 2.0 enhances productivity and reduces physical strain, offering a typing experience similar to a full-size keyboard and a touchpad experience as smooth as a traditional touchpad.

8. Kickstarter - Speekeys - Your EDC Data Hub and Storage Powerhouse
  • Launch time: 2024.5.14
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 8,638
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 76 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 172%

Speekeys is a compact and lightweight M.2 NVMe SSD, offering blazing-fast read/write speeds of up to 1000 MB/s and storage capacity up to 2TB. Engineered with an active heat dissipation system and a durable aluminum shell with a protective silicone case, it ensures optimal performance even during heavy workloads. Utilizing the USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C interface, Speekeys provides 10 Gbps transfer speeds, significantly improving file transfers, backups, and data access. Its user-friendly design features tool-free assembly, a magnetic attachment for easy connectivity, and a versatile data cable that doubles as a lanyard. The SSD’s IP54-rated dust and water resistance, coupled with its drop-tested durability, makes it a reliable and portable solution for various devices, including laptops, gaming consoles, and digital cameras. Speekeys combines functionality with style, making it ideal for creative professionals, tech enthusiasts, and anyone seeking efficient data management and storage.

9. Kickstarter - Ultrahuman Home The Future of Healthy Living
  • Launch time: 2024.5.15
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: £ 54,136
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 158 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 686%

Ultrahuman Home, unveiled at CES 2024, is a groundbreaking device that revolutionizes home health by integrating wearable tech with personalized home health monitoring. It continuously tracks environmental factors like light exposure, air quality, humidity, and noise levels, correlating them with individual health markers to optimize overall well-being. Ultrahuman Home features an advanced aero-flow design to detect harmful particles, manage formaldehyde and particulate matter levels, and provide actionable insights for healthier living spaces. The device includes functions like continuous temperature tracking, blue light exposure management, noise and snore detection, and CO/CO2 monitoring, all aimed at improving sleep quality and overall health. With UltraSync technology, it offers a unified view of internal and external health markers by syncing with Ultrahuman Ring, providing a comprehensive analysis of the impact of living environments on personal health. The device ensures privacy with local data processing and features airplane mode to control WiFi and Bluetooth exposure.

10. Kickstarter - FLET Tumbler - JACK 20 oz Cooler with the Stick
  • Launch time: 2024.5.15
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: € 2,414
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 60 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 80%

The FLET Tumbler – JACK 20 oz is a versatile cooler designed to keep beverages cold for extended periods with its revolutionary stainless steel ice stick. The ice stick, which can be frozen and inserted into a special slot at the bottom of the tumbler, ensures drinks stay chilled without diluting their flavor. The tumbler features a pop-up straw, a leak-proof lid, and a silicone-capped ice stick for comfort and hygiene. Made from food-grade 304 stainless steel, it offers durability, easy cleaning, and enhanced insulation with a 4mm gap between the stainless steel walls. The FLET Tumbler is ideal for cold drip coffee, infusing water with fruits, and enjoying cold beer without dilution. It includes a versatile strap for portability and a protective case for the ice and infuse sticks, ensuring cleanliness and convenience on the go.

Allen Jones

Allen Jones

Allen Jones, a Columbia Marketing alumnus with a decade in crowdfunding, founded Hunt4Best in 2019. A crowdfunding pioneer, he noticed faux "crowdfunding communities" aggregating projects without real community spirit. To counter this, he led a team to create Hunt4Best—an authentic crowdfunding community. It dissects industry trends, showcases top projects, and fosters crowdfunding expertise exchange. With his team, Jones developed the F-P-E analysis model, a comprehensive framework driving Hunt4Best's operations.

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