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Trending Crowdfunding Projects in the First Week of May 2024

In the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation, crowdfunding platforms serve as the breeding ground for groundbreaking ideas to flourish. As we step into the first week of May 2024, a plethora of intriguing projects has surfaced, each promising to revolutionize its respective niche. From cutting-edge gadgets to life-saving innovations, the diversity of these projects is as captivating as it is inspiring. Let’s delve into the realm of trending crowdfunding projects, where creativity knows no bounds and ingenuity reigns supreme.

1. Kicksrarter - Lofree EDGE, Smoothest Ultra Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard
  • Launch time: 2024.4.25
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 1,036,610
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 824 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 661%

The Lofree EDGE is a mechanical keyboards with its innovative ultra-low-profile design, seamlessly blending lightweight construction with robustness and ergonomic features for an unparalleled typing experience. Crafted from carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, this keyboard weighs a mere 485g, ensuring both durability and a sleek, modern look. Its PCB-Gasket mount structure and customizable keymap via Lofree Configurator offer flexibility, while options for Bluetooth and wired connections cater to diverse user preferences. Equipped with Kailh POM Switch 2.0, it maintains a short 2.4mm travel distance for tactile feedback without compromising its slim profile. Internal enhancements, including specialized foam for sound dampening and battery relocation, contribute to its streamlined design. Supporting a 1000Hz polling rate in wired mode and boasting a battery life of up to 130 hours, it combines efficiency with longevity. Unique keycaps add a touch of personalization and comfort, elevating both aesthetics and functionality.

2. Kicksrarter - Korin HubPack 33 The Pinnacle of Anti-Theft Backpacks
  • Launch time: 2024.4.23
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 93,583
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 569 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 467%

The Korin HubPack 33 is hailed as the epitome of anti-theft backpacks, boasting 2,000 hours of engineering, 333 parts, and 33 pockets designed to enhance protection and organization for all your tech gadgets and daily necessities. Crafted from a state-of-the-art cut-resistant fabric, this backpack ensures the safety of your laptop, tablet, water bottle, charger, and more, each item allocated its own secure compartment. Featuring integrated Type-C charging and an RFID card pocket, it facilitates seamless movement in any environment, be it bustling subways or airport terminals, with an assurance of top-tier security against theft.

3. Kicksrarter - Fosi Audio V3 Mono Home Audio Power Amplifier with PFFB
  • Launch time: 2024.4.20
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$1,306,463
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 628 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 2612%

The Fosi Audio V3 Mono Home Audio Power Amplifier with PFFB heralds a new era of miniature single-channel amplification, tailored for audiophiles worldwide. Boasting high output power and exceptional performance, it effortlessly drives 2-8Ω home audio HiFi passive speakers, perfect for building powerful home theater systems or immersive desktop sound setups. Featuring innovative PFFB Post-Filter Feedback Technology, it reduces distortion, enhances linearity, and improves sound purity and system efficiency, while also overcoming the limitations of Class-D amps. With a robust yet compact design, including an all-aluminum alloy chassis and advanced cooling mechanisms, it ensures durability and efficient operation. Flexible connectivity options, including XLR Balanced and RCA inputs, cater to various audio setups, while swappable op-amps allow for a personalized audio experience. Additional features such as auto standby mode and dust-proof filter screens enhance convenience and longevity, making it an ideal choice for discerning audio enthusiasts seeking superior sound quality and versatility.

4. Kicksrarter - CLAWLAB Tufting Kit for Rug Making, Custom Crafts, Artworks
  • Launch time: 2024.4.25
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 1,593,849
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 695 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 1593%

CLAWLAB Tufting Kit, a comprehensive solution for crafting rugs and artwork effortlessly. Weighing just 550g, the kit features an adjustable speed tufting gun designed for smooth and precise operation, accompanied by a nail-free tufting frame that maintains cloth tension without abrasion. Suitable for amateurs and seasoned crafters alike, the kit provides everything needed to transform yarn into stunning creations within hours. Unlike bulky and cumbersome alternatives, CLAWLAB prioritizes user comfort with its ergonomic design, ensuring fatigue-free tufting sessions. With its versatile applications, from rugs to wall hangings, the kit unlocks a world of creative possibilities that can extend to lucrative ventures. Safety features such as a fully wrapped gun sleeve and hidden attachment nails prioritize user safety, while the Brushless Direct Current Motor offers reliability and longevity. The sturdy frame accommodates various cloth types and effortlessly folds for storage convenience. Whether adjusting speed for intricate details or covering larger areas swiftly, the CLAWLAB Tufting Kit empowers users to unleash their creativity with ease and precision.

5. Kicksrarter - EASYPLAY 1sPortable, Easy-to-Start Music Keyboard with MIDI
  • Launch time: 2024.4.23
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 64,801
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 534 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 1296%

The EASYPLAY 1s is a portable music keyboard designed to simplify the process of learning and playing music, catering to both novice enthusiasts and seasoned musicians. Featuring MIDI support and a Bluetooth speaker, this compact keyboard offers over 12 instrument sounds and a 25-key layout, making it convenient for on-the-go music creation. With a playtime of up to six hours and interchangeable keycaps, it allows users to unleash their musical creativity anytime, anywhere. Whether composing solo or jamming with friends, the EASYPLAY 1s ensures a seamless and enjoyable music-making experience.

6. Kicksrarter - WUBEN E1-The Ultimate EDC Phone Flashlight
  • Launch time: 2024.4.23
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 64,801
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 534 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 1296%

WUBEN E1, a EDC phone flashlight that redefines versatility and convenience. Designed with MagSafe compatibility, the E1 attaches effortlessly to your phone, ensuring it’s always at hand when needed. With a maximum brightness of 300 lumens, ten times brighter than standard phone flashlights, it provides ample illumination for daily tasks. Its 28 high-quality LED bulbs emit soft, flattering light, perfect for selfies and low-light photography. The dual-sided magnetic stand offers professional-grade stability for steady shots and smooth recordings, enhancing your creative endeavors. Plus, the 3-color fill light opens up endless possibilities for night photography, making the E1 a must-have tool for any smartphone photographer or videographer.

7. Kicksrarter - DeltaForce 65 Full Metal Kamo Mechanical Keyboard
  • Launch time: 2024.4.23
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 44,421
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 433 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 634%

The DeltaForce 65 Full Metal Kamo Mechanical Keyboard is a cutting-edge keyboard designed to elevate your typing experience. Boasting a stunning camo design and durable construction, it features sublimation PBT keycaps for longevity and a superior feel. With a compact 65% layout, it saves desk space while offering customizable performance with hot-swappable Gateron red switches and vibrant RGB lighting controlled by QMK/VIA software. Its gasket mount and CNC aluminum frame ensure robustness for long-lasting use. Additionally, it offers four organic patterns to suit different personalities: Jungle Kamo, Urban Kamo, Desert Kamo, and Cyber Kamo. The keyboard comes with all the bells and whistles, including kamo keycaps, a full metal build, hot-swappable switches, and enhanced sound experience. The KCA keycap profile offers ergonomic comfort and sleek aesthetics, while VIA software enables easy LED color and key layout customization. Whether for work or play, the DeltaForce 65 combines style with functionality for an unparalleled typing experience.

8. Kicksrarter - NOVAZ Crystal Glass
  • Launch time: 2024.4.23
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 158,441
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 159 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 396%

NOVAZ Crystal Glass, the world’s pioneering flexible crystal glassware, offering a unique blend of elegance and durability. Crafted from innovative silicone, it boasts crystal-like clarity and shatterproof construction, making it ideal for any occasion, from glamorous parties to casual camping trips. This eco-chic drinkware not only enhances the flavor of your beverages but also stands as a stylish, environmentally conscious choice. Whether sipping cocktails at elegant gatherings or enjoying outdoor adventures, NOVAZ Crystal Glass ensures worry-free celebrations with its unbeatable quality and versatility.

9. Kicksrarter - Surevival Pen - This Pen Saves Lives!
  • Launch time: 2024.4.23
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 12,054
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 203 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 241%

The Surevival Pen is a tactical tool designed for emergency escape, rescue, and defense. Featuring a concealed seatbelt cutter, telescoping tip, and window breaker, it empowers users to swiftly respond to life-altering situations. With its patent-pending seatbelt cutter accessible under the pen clip, users can quickly free themselves or others with just one hand, making it ideal for panicked or mobility-limited scenarios. The telescoping tip enhances striking power without compromising on functionality, and the tungsten carbide tip ensures efficient glass shattering during vehicle emergencies. Beyond its life-saving capabilities, the Surevival Pen offers smooth writing with its bolt-action mechanism and comfortable grip, making it a versatile everyday tool. Crafted from durable materials, it’s built to last a lifetime, ensuring preparedness in critical moments and potentially preventing tragedies with its presence alone.

10. Kicksrarter - Fulling Way Portable Water Purification System
  • Launch time: 2024.4.23
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 75,459
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 74 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 191%

The Fulling Way Portable Water Purification System offers a convenient solution for accessing clean water wherever you are. Designed as your personal water factory, it filters out 99.99% of harmful substances from sources like streams and lakes, providing the freshest drink of nature’s finest. Engineered for ease of use, it filters 500ml of water per minute and can purify up to 200L on a single charge. With versatile recharging options including manual, solar, and USB charging, hydration is always within reach. Embrace the convenience of nature as your water cooler with Fulling Way.

Allen Jones

Allen Jones

Allen Jones, a Columbia Marketing alumnus with a decade in crowdfunding, founded Hunt4Best in 2019. A crowdfunding pioneer, he noticed faux "crowdfunding communities" aggregating projects without real community spirit. To counter this, he led a team to create Hunt4Best—an authentic crowdfunding community. It dissects industry trends, showcases top projects, and fosters crowdfunding expertise exchange. With his team, Jones developed the F-P-E analysis model, a comprehensive framework driving Hunt4Best's operations.

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