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Trending Crowdfunding Projects in the First Week of February 2024

In the fast-paced world of crowdfunding, innovation knows no bounds. As we kick off the first week of February 2024, it’s time to dive into a captivating lineup of trending crowdfunding projects that promise to redefine the way we approach various aspects of life. From precision drilling to culinary convenience, from on-the-go power solutions to cutting-edge gaming accessories, these projects showcase the ingenuity and creativity of inventors and creators from around the world. Join us on a journey through the most promising and exciting crowdfunding campaigns of the moment, each offering a unique solution to some of life’s everyday challenges. Let’s explore the top ten projects that are making waves this month

1. Kickstarter - BullseyeBore Core Drill Straight Holes Every Time
  • Launch time: 2024.1.30
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 158,949
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 1,128 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 794%

The BullseyeBore Core is an innovative drill accessory designed for precision and ease, making it simpler to drill straight holes with any commercial power drill. Launched on Kickstarter, it showcases a patented technology that projects laser-guided patterns for accurate alignment, compatible with various drills and drill bits. Its safety features prevent damage upon unintended contact, and its non-contact design ensures work surfaces remain unscratched. Developed over a decade with extensive testing on numerous drill types, the BullseyeBore Core embodies a significant advancement in drilling technology, offering both novice and professional users a practical solution to common drilling challenges​

2. Kickstarter - WeighMaster The Multi-Display Modular Coffee Scale
  • Launch time: 2024.2.2
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 835,418
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 603 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 1670%

The WeighMaster by MantaBrew introduces a novel approach to coffee brewing with its multi-display modular coffee scale. Designed to cater to both novice and professional baristas, it offers a versatile brewing experience through two main modules: Module A for essential brewing functionalities and Module B for advanced features including a flip TFT LCD screen for shared brewing experiences. This innovative scale supports multiple brewing modes, such as Weighing-Timer, Pour-Over, Portafilter Tare, Espresso, and Flow Practice, with additional modes like Coffee-Water Ratio and Advanced Modes available through Module B. Its modular design enhances interactive coffee teaching sessions by allowing connections with multiple modules. Featuring an IPX5 waterproof rating, LED display guides, and a user-friendly interface for easy cleaning and operation, the WeighMaster combines technology, precision, and aesthetics to transform the coffee brewing process into a social, interactive experience​

3. Kickstarter - JSAUX FlipGo Portable Dual Screen for Boosted Productivity
  • Launch time: 2024.1.30
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 1,392,316
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 373 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 2784%

The JSAUX FlipGo is a groundbreaking dual-screen portable monitor launched on Kickstarter, designed to significantly enhance productivity for both professionals and digital nomads. Available in 13.5″ and 16″ sizes across Standard, Standard with Touch Screen, and Pro editions, the FlipGo stands out for its versatility, allowing configurations as a single or dual monitor setup with both vertical and horizontal orientations. The Pro Edition introduces an UltraView mode, expanding content across two screens, while all versions boast a magnetic attachment surface for compatibility with various stands, including the innovative Flex Folio leather case and Snap Stand. Touted as the thinnest and lightest dual portable monitor in the market, it offers up to 2.5K resolution, 200ppi pixel density, and 500 nits brightness, powered by a single USB-C cable for convenience.

4. Kickstarter - Poem1 AI rhyming clock
  • Launch time: 2024.1.30
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: £ 38,898
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 361 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 47.8%

The Poem/1 clock, conceptualized by London-based technologist Matt Webb, is a novel AI-powered device that crafts a new poem every minute to indicate the time, merging the realms of technology and poetry in a unique timekeeping experience. Launched via a Kickstarter campaign, the clock features an e-paper display connected to Wi-Fi, pulling whimsical rhymes from a central server, thereby offering a refreshing twist to traditional time display methods. Designed to intrigue and amuse, Poem/1 sometimes creatively bends accuracy, “lying” about the time or inventing words to fit its rhymes, highlighting its role more as an artistic piece than a precision instrument. It’s aimed at those appreciating a blend of ambient computing with everyday objects, offering a playful gadget that stands out for its integration of “embedded AI.” Available in various models, including a 13.5″ Standard Edition and a Pro Edition with UltraView mode, the Poem/1 has attracted attention for its innovative approach to displaying time, promising to be a delightful addition to any space

5. Kickstarter - Mythroll Armory RPG Dice Scroller
  • Launch time: 2024.1.30
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: CA$ 45,126
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 295 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 451%

The Mythroll Armory RPG Dice Scroller, the third installment in their series of Dice Spinners, combines elegance with functionality. Crafted from aluminum with precision CNC machining and hand assembly, it features embedded magnets for accurate result alignment. Designed for a satisfying spin experience, the Scroller includes a foam base to protect surfaces. Responding to backer feedback, design updates include colored numbers for readability and engraved polyhedral indicators for easy identification. With the achievement of 750% funding, an engraving add-on allows for personalization. The Bamboo Caddy, accommodating up to 7 Scrollers, offers a magnetic end cap for secure storage.

6. Kickstarter - YUKA 3D Vision Robot Lawn Sweeping Mower
  • Launch time: 2024.1.30
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 4,836,090
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 381 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 123%

The YUKA 3D Vision Robot Lawn Sweeping Mower, unveiled by MAMMOTION, marks an innovative step in lawn care technology. YUKA combines a self-emptying mechanism, wireless yard coverage without the need for perimeter wires, and AI-powered lawn art printing, enabling users to customize their lawn with designs or messages. Its 3D vision mapping and obstacle avoidance system ensure safety and efficiency, navigating around obstacles with ease. Additionally, YUKA boasts a dual-blade cutting system for a clean cut and intelligent route planning for optimal lawn maintenance. The mower’s design reflects a commitment to eco-friendly, efficient lawn care, promising a blend of functionality and creativity for homeowners​

7. Kickstarter - Kitchen Mama Orbit One Can Opener Your Best Culinary Helper
  • Launch time: 2024.1.31
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 7,119
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 110 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 237%

The Kitchen Mama Orbit One Can Opener, an innovative rechargeable electric can opener. Designed to work on almost any can shape, the Orbit One features hands-free operation, auto shut-off, and leaves smooth, safe edges, making it suitable for users of all ages, including those with conditions like arthritis. Its lightweight, ergonomic design, and inclusion of two types of changeable bent blades make it versatile for various can sizes and shapes.

8. Kickstarter - MChaos On-the-Go Wearable Power Bank w Retractable Cable
  • Launch time: 2024.1.30
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 12,752
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 173 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 425%

The MChaos 10000mAh wearable power bank revolutionizes on-the-go charging with its large capacity, retractable 28-inch tape cord, and additional USB-C port. Designed for convenience, it attaches easily to backpacks or clothes via a carabiner, simplifying access to power. It supports rapid charging with a 20W output, can charge multiple devices simultaneously, and features a durable, fireproof design with a digital display for battery monitoring. Ideal for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, MChaos ensures devices stay charged effortlessly.

9. Kickstarter - Nukii Your Unassailable Personal Data Protector
  • Launch time: 2024.1.30
  • Pledged In 48 Hours: US$ 11,326
  • Backer In 48 Hours: 152 Backer
  • 48 Hours To Reach Goal: 377%

Nukii offers a groundbreaking approach to personal data security with its offline storage solution, eliminating the risks associated with online storage and weak passwords. It features a passwordless, NFC unlock mechanism, server-grade memory for reliability, and a remote-erase function for lost devices. Nukii’s auto-lock function, read-only mode for virus protection, and user-specific sharing capabilities enhance data protection. This device ensures your data remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users, offering peace of mind in the digital age.

10. Kickstarter - GLYDR Analog Dual Foot Controller for Video Games & VR
  • Launch time: 2024.1.30
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 33,629
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 197 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 336%

The GLYDR Analog Dual Foot Controller introduces a novel approach to gaming by moving key actions to your feet, reducing hand strain, and enhancing gameplay. Unlike traditional controllers with extra buttons, GLYDR expands gaming options while alleviating repetitive hand usage. Its versatility sets it apart from single-purpose foot controllers on the market, offering benefits across various game genres. Easy setup involves connecting via USB or Bluetooth, with a configurator for customized profiles and adjustable deadzones per pedal. GLYDR provides a tactical advantage in FPS games, offering mobility control at your feet, and it’s compatible with PC games, console emulation, and VR seated play. Additionally, GLYDR can improve productivity and efficiency in desktop applications, making it a versatile gaming and productivity tool​

Allen Jones

Allen Jones

Allen Jones, a Columbia Marketing alumnus with a decade in crowdfunding, founded Hunt4Best in 2019. A crowdfunding pioneer, he noticed faux "crowdfunding communities" aggregating projects without real community spirit. To counter this, he led a team to create Hunt4Best—an authentic crowdfunding community. It dissects industry trends, showcases top projects, and fosters crowdfunding expertise exchange. With his team, Jones developed the F-P-E analysis model, a comprehensive framework driving Hunt4Best's operations.

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