ZERO PUMP:World's Smallest Pump for Sleeping Pads

Ultralight 1.2oz/Replaceable Battery/50s Inflator & Deflator/Inflate 25 Times/Space Saving/Anti-Drop

Launch time: 2023.9.14
ZERO PUMP, an innovative, ultralight air pump meticulously crafted for outdoor enthusiasts, specifically tailored for backpackers seeking efficient inflation and deflation of sleeping pads. Weighing a mere 1.2 ounces and measuring just 1.02 by 2.95 inches, this pump is exceptionally compact, designed to be effortlessly attached to a key ring, thus optimizing precious backpack space. Leveraging advanced AIRVORTECH™ technology 2.0 and a micro-motor, ZERO PUMP achieves rapid inflation within a brief 50 seconds, delivering a high air flow rate and pressure. It boasts the capability to efficiently inflate up to 25 sleeping pads consecutively and is compatible with various brands. The device’s user-friendly design enables hands-free operation and incorporates a convenient deflation feature for hassle-free packing. Moreover, it serves as a versatile fire starter and facilitates convenient on-the-go battery replacement. With its robust construction, anti-drop attributes, and noise reduction technology, ZERO PUMP stands as a compact powerhouse catering to the needs of avid outdoor adventurers.