Zero: A Deceptively Simple Knife

Zero is an automatic retracting utility knife unlike all the others.

Launch time: 2023.12.13
The Zero, a knife project on Kickstarter, stands out with its innovative and minimalist design. It is the first pivot-less titanium button lock folder, featuring a patent-pending mechanism. The knife is crafted with a focus on minimalism, embodying a sleek and low-profile appearance while maintaining functionality. Made with a drop point, flat grind M390 blade and a bead blast titanium or coated handle, The Zero offers durability and an aesthetically pleasing look. With a blade length of 3.42 inches and weighing 3.17 ounces, it combines portability with practicality. This project is not just a utility tool but also a statement piece for knife enthusiasts and professionals alike, blending art with utility​