YSMART MQ5: Magnetic Quick-Release Rechargeable Flashlight

Pop to Light, Snap to Charge | Magnetic Base | Super Bright | Super Tiny | Brass or Grade 5 Titanium | Lighting Made Simple & Fast

Launch time: 2024.2.6
The YSMART MQ5 redefines the convenience of portable lighting with its magnetic quick-release mechanism, allowing for instant activation upon detachment from a keychain, and featuring a hassle-free magnetic wireless charging system. This innovative flashlight shines brightly with 130 lumens from a compact form just over 5 centimeters long, thanks to its high-quality CREE XPG3 bulb. Designed for durability and style, it offers options in brass or Grade 5 titanium finishes. Its magnetic base securely attaches with significant force, supporting hands-free use in a variety of settings, making it an essential tool for everyday carry. With a strong focus on practicality and efficiency, the YSMART MQ5 stands out for its blend of advanced technology and user-friendly design