WIZPR RING: The Future of Voice Interaction with AI

ChatGPT Integration | Smart Home Control | Discreet Interaction | No Wake Words | Instant Response | Auto Activation

Launch time: 2024.3.20
The WIZPR RING is a smart wearable ring powered by AI that allows users to interact with personal assistants like ChatGPT and Gemini through whispering commands, receiving instant responses through earphones. Unlike devices like Google Home or Alexa, the ring only activates its microphone when brought close to the mouth, ensuring privacy. The ring does not store data and interactions with AI are natural and seamless. Users can control smart home devices, access a variety of personal assistants, and send SOS alerts discreetly. The WIZPR RING app connects the ring to AI engines and offers features like the ‘What’s’ command for updates on calendar, weather, and more. Overall, the WIZPR RING offers a new, innovative way to interact with AI technology.