Ultrahuman Home: The Future of Healthy Living

Ultrahuman, a pioneer in wearable tech, launches Ultrahuman Home, a cutting-edge invention that revolutionizes home health.

Launch time: 2024.5.15
Ultrahuman Home, unveiled at CES 2024, is a groundbreaking device that revolutionizes home health by integrating wearable tech with personalized home health monitoring. It continuously tracks environmental factors like light exposure, air quality, humidity, and noise levels, correlating them with individual health markers to optimize overall well-being. Ultrahuman Home features an advanced aero-flow design to detect harmful particles, manage formaldehyde and particulate matter levels, and provide actionable insights for healthier living spaces. The device includes functions like continuous temperature tracking, blue light exposure management, noise and snore detection, and CO/CO2 monitoring, all aimed at improving sleep quality and overall health. With UltraSync technology, it offers a unified view of internal and external health markers by syncing with Ultrahuman Ring, providing a comprehensive analysis of the impact of living environments on personal health. The device ensures privacy with local data processing and features airplane mode to control WiFi and Bluetooth exposure.