Travel & camp washing machine - Scrubba Waterclear wash bag

Our new Scrubba wash bag. Pocket-sized & electricity free "washing machine". Now in translucent TPU and with a dedicated water outlet.

Launch time: 2024.3.11
The Scrubba Waterclear wash bag, a pocket-sized and electricity-free washing machine, has evolved for modern travelers, campers, and RVers, facilitating efficient and environmentally friendly washing anywhere. This translucent TPU bag, heavier than the original but maintaining the same capacity, integrates a patented washboard for a machine-quality wash. The new model features a wide-mouth water inlet/outlet for easy use, is designed for washing up to two days of summer wear per load, and supports eco-friendly travel by saving water and energy. The Scrubba has gained popularity among over 400,000 users for its convenience and effectiveness, proving to be a cost-saving alternative to traditional laundry options while being an excellent choice for lightweight traveling. The Waterclear version adds to this with visual and functional updates, maintaining all the favored features while introducing enhancements like the new water system and the roll-top closure for leak prevention. It is a suitable option for those seeking a portable, sustainable solution for washing clothes on the go.