Things-Could-Be-Worse Bowls

Set of four porcelain bowls loaded with whimsical perils.

Launch time: 2024.1.6
The “Things Could Be Worse” bowls, part of the Calamityware series by artist Don Moyer, successfully blend traditional and whimsical elements. These porcelain bowls feature the classic blue Willow pattern intertwined with playful, perilous scenarios like robots and UFOs. Moyer’s creative journey began with a reinterpretation of the Willow pattern plates, leading to a wider range of products under Calamityware, all marked by their unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern, humorous designs. This approach has resulted in a diverse collection that includes mugs, kitchen textiles, and apparel, all manufactured traditionally in Poland. Moyer’s self-indulgent, client-free creative process allows him to explore whimsical and unusual ideas, resulting in distinctive and amusing products.