The Hideaway Duffel: The Carry-On Every Parent Needs

The easiest carry-on to pack, organize, carry, unpack and repack for your child

Launch time: 2023.9.19
The Hideaway Duffel, a multifaceted and forward-thinking carry-on meticulously crafted to simplify the travel experience for parents. This innovative duffel presents a myriad of features aimed at streamlining the packing and organization process, particularly when journeying with children. The inclusion of the Cubby, a versatile packing insert with adaptable dividers, serves as an efficient alternative to traditional packing cubes, ensuring optimal organization and easy access to your child’s essentials. Boasting diverse carrying options, including backpack straps, a luggage pass-through, top handles with a secure leather closure, a shoulder strap, and grab handles, this duffel guarantees unparalleled convenience. Equipped with an insulated compartment for food storage and an odor-resistant laundry compartment, it caters to the diverse needs of family travel. Internal pockets and a dedicated essentials compartment offer ample space for storing small items, while external buckles provide secure fastening for bulkier items such as baby carriers. The Hideaway Duffel is thoughtfully designed to accommodate an array of accessories, embodying a comprehensive solution tailored to enhance the travel experiences of families on the go.