The AcePick - Titanium Quick Release Toothpick & Multi-tool

Unlocking Infinite Potential: EDC Tool Crafted from GR5 Titanium with Innovative Quick-Release, Bolt Action, and Hidden Cutter Design

Launch time: 2024.5.13
The AcePick is a compact, innovative EDC tool crafted from GR5 titanium, featuring a quick-release, bolt action, and hidden cutter design. This versatile mini tool combines a toothpick and box cutter, allowing for easy one-handed detachment from a keychain. The toothpick serves multiple functions beyond dental hygiene, such as a SIM card ejector, fruit fork, dust cleaner, and latte art needle, while promoting eco-friendliness by replacing countless wooden toothpicks and dental floss. The hidden cutter handles various tasks like box cutting, wire stripping, and more, and can also function as a small pry bar or flint striker. Designed to be lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant, the AcePick unlocks a world of possibilities, making it an essential everyday tool.