SwitchBot S10. A 100% automated floor cleaning robot.

World's 1st Plumbing Connected Water Refill Station | Auto-empty Station | 5 Mins Setup | 6500Pa Vacuum | Self-cleaning and Drying Mop

Launch time: 2023.10.16
The SwitchBot S10 represents a groundbreaking, fully automated floor-cleaning robot featuring an exclusive Plumbing Connected Water Refill Station and Auto-empty Station. Streamlining the cleaning process, the S10 enables effortless water refilling, drainage, and automatic cleaning solution dispensing, promising an elevated cleaning experience. Its user-friendly setup ensures accessibility for all, and its adaptable nature allows for placement in any area with a water source. Equipped with top-tier cleaning tools such as an anti-tangle rubber brush and a self-cleaning Roller Mop, the S10 delivers exceptional vacuuming and mopping performance suitable for diverse surfaces, including carpets and hard floors. With its innovative design facilitating automatic drying of the roller mop and efficient dust and hair collection stored in a 4L dust bag within the Auto-empty Station, the S10 necessitates replacement only every 70 days, ensuring thorough cleanliness without frequent maintenance.