Swing-Rolrest | 3-in-1 Dual Surface-Roller Based Foot Rest

Unique Dual side footrest with Adjustable Heights & Angles, Memory foam rest with Dual Reflexology Massagers Roller

Launch time: 2024.3.4
The Swing-Rolrest is a versatile and innovative 3-in-1 dual-surface footrest designed to improve comfort and ergonomics for individuals who spend long periods seated, such as office workers and gamers. It addresses common problems such as backaches, tension, and fatigue by providing proper leg support and encouraging the use of leg muscles to avoid muscular atrophy. This multifunctional device features an adjustable design with five distinct height angles and dual sides — one with a comfortable, supportive surface made of high-density and ultra-soft memory foam, and the other with large, curved bamboo-based rollers for foot massage, improving blood circulation and relaxation. The memory foam ensures custom-fit support and comes with a washable cover for hygiene. By supporting the back and legs ergonomically, encouraging foot movement, and allowing for instant switching between the cushioned and roller sides, the Swing-Rolrest aims to revolutionize sitting habits and promote well-being.