Super Packable Travel Blanket | Layover XL

A huge insulated blanket that packs down real tiny.

Launch time: 2023.9.12
The Layover XL Travel Blanket, a versatile and easily storable insulated blanket tailored for travelers in pursuit of warmth and convenience on the move. Engineered to tackle the challenges of varying temperatures during travel, whether on drafty planes, chilly campfires, road trips, or sports events, this blanket stands out for its remarkable compactness, effortlessly compressing to a size no larger than two standard soda cans. Its snug insulated filling and breathable nylon cover provide warmth akin to that of a puffy jacket, ensuring a comfortable experience wherever you go. Equipped with a range of practical features, including a roll-top stuff sack, hoodie sleeve with a zipper pocket, micro-fleece kangaroo pouch, leg pocket, snap fasteners for size adjustment, and a water-resistant, anti-static coating, this travel blanket is designed to be a convenient and dependable companion for maintaining coziness in a multitude of settings.