Seal: Smart 3D Scanner with 0.01mm Accuracy

3D Printing | Design | Miniatures | DIY | Reverse Engineering | 0.01 Accuracy | 0.05 Resolution

Launch time: 2023.8.29
The Seal 3D scanner offers exceptional precision and user-friendliness for various applications such as 3D printing, design, miniatures, DIY projects, and reverse engineering. Utilizing Blue Light Encoded Structured Light technology, Seal provides high-resolution 3D models with a remarkable 0.01mm accuracy and 0.05mm resolution. The scanner captures vivid colors and textures with its 24-bit color camera and operates at a fast 10fps. It comes with user-friendly software, JMStudio, supporting multiple languages and offering lifelong free OTA updates. Additionally, Seal offers intelligent accessories like the Smart Grip for on-the-go scanning and a Multi-Axis Turntable for both beginners and experts to achieve automation and customization in 3D scanning.