Saturn 50mm&75mm 1.6X Full Frame Anamorphic Lens

The World's Lightest Full Frame Anamorphic Lens I 1.6X I Carbon Fiber Barrel I Blue /Neutral flares

Launch time: 2023.11.27
The Saturn Series Anamorphic Lens Set by SIRUI, featuring 50mm and 75mm lenses, is designed to enhance the filmmaking experience with full-frame capabilities. These lenses offer a 1.6x squeeze ratio, ideal for capturing wide cinematic aspects while maintaining a compact form. The series includes both classic blue and neutral flares, suitable for various filmmaking styles, from sci-fi to commercial. The lenses’ construction involves carbon fiber and high precision glass molding aspherical elements, reducing their weight to less than 500g each. They provide excellent image quality with no cropping, supporting 2.4:1 and 2.8:1 Cinema Scope aspect ratios. The 1.6x squeeze factor creates a dreamy oval bokeh and a strong sense of compression, enhancing the artistic quality of shots. The lens series ensures sharp imagery in the center with edge distortion and matching color tones. Additionally, each lens features a 62mm filter thread and a 120° rotation angle on the focus ring, contributing to their ease of use and versatility in different filming setups​