Rux Robot: Fun and Practical Desktop AI Robot

Elevate Your Daily Routine with Rux Robot: Your Multifunctional AI Companion!

Launch time: 2023.12.7
The Rux Robot is an advanced desktop AI companion that integrates the Android system, offering a rich ecosystem of apps and seamless connectivity. This Android-based robot is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices and features ChatGPT integration, allowing for natural and intuitive voice-assisted conversations. Each Rux Robot develops a unique personality through BotLife, ensuring a dynamic and personalized interaction experience. Beyond standard responses, Rux can express a range of emotions, walk, and explore the desktop environment. It features interactive capabilities through speech and gestures, and its design includes customizable antennas and a 1600W color ring light. The robot offers creative personalization options through its Open API, allowing users to customize expressions, actions, and sound effects. Rux can autonomously return to its charging pad when needed, ensuring constant readiness. It supports multitasking and provides both functional and emotional intelligence, engaging in meaningful conversations and offering tailored companionship. Rux transforms into a dynamic source of entertainment with interactive games and multimedia experiences, enhancing leisure time with smart entertainment.