Rise Centered: A Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock

Ditch phone alarms, reconnect to your circadian rhythm, and wake up refreshed every morning with the Himalayan Salt Globe.

Launch time: 2023.9.19
Rise Centered, a sunrise alarm clock meticulously crafted to elevate your sleep quality and morning routine. Distinguishing itself from conventional phone alarms, it harnesses the power of your circadian rhythm to gently rouse you from slumber. Its sophisticated design incorporates a Himalayan salt globe, infusing a touch of nature into your bedside ambiance. Encouraging the exclusion of devices from your sleeping space, it facilitates mental clarity restoration and promotes detachment from technology. Emulating the natural sunrise, the clock gradually bathes the room in soft light, accompanied by tranquil nature sounds if you’re not awakened by your designated alarm time. Rise Centered champions the use of natural materials, highlighting its distinctive feature of complete darkness, while ensuring user-friendly operation without the necessity of apps or connectivity, ultimately prioritizing a tranquil and technology-free start to your mornings.