Pickup is an environmental monitor for the rest of us.

A rugged sensor power tool for air quality, growing, science. Easy to build ideas that alert, log, or integrate with other software.

Launch time: 2023.10.11
Pickup is a rugged and customizable sensor-powered tool designed to monitor various environmental conditions and facilitate scientific experiments. It serves as a data logger that records information from built-in and external sensors, providing real-time data through a web application dashboard or other software. With its long battery life, durable casing, and versatile sensor options including temperature, light, sound level, vibration, and more, Pickup caters to a range of applications from citizen science projects to agriculture and business data analysis. The device offers flexibility in data management, allowing users to set rules for notifications and integrate with various software services. Pickup’s open interface ensures long-term reliability and easy integration with other systems, reflecting the creators’ commitment to user autonomy and data privacy.