Petite Foret Plus, Tropical Moss (Plant) Terrarium

Fully App Controllable (Growth, Lighting, Watering, etc), Planting Guide Included, Bring Fresh Air & Nature Indoors

Launch time: 2023.10.24
The Petite Foret Plus is a tropical forest terrarium designed to bring the calming influence of nature indoors. Utilizing natural moss for air purification and humidity control, the device creates an immersive natural environment within any living space. With the ability to control growth, lighting, and other features through a mobile application, users can experience the tranquility of nature at their convenience. The terrarium’s harmonious blend of light, color, fog, and greenery creates an appealing visual, while the innovative knock feature enables interaction with the live moss. The device’s LED lighting allows for mood-setting color temperature adjustments, further enhancing the ambience. Additionally, the moss’s natural air-purifying and humidifying properties contribute to a refreshing atmosphere, making relaxation even more enjoyable. With DIY options for planting various types of moss, the Petite Foret Plus offers customizable features, with plans for ongoing software updates to accommodate a wider range of moss varieties based on user feedback.