ovOlio | World's First Sensory Desk Toy with a Twist

The levitating aroma-diffusing desk toy that revolutionizes the way you work, think, and relax!

Launch time: 2024.1.22
The ovOlio, a project on Kickstarter, is an innovative desk toy designed to enhance mindfulness and tranquility in any workspace. Featuring a unique egg-shaped design that symbolizes the core of emotions, ovOlio is more than just an aesthetic piece; it’s a sensory experience that helps users find balance and calm. Its magnetic core allows for a mesmerizing, perpetual movement, and the toy is equipped with six CNC-drilled gauges representing the six eternal elements of the universe. Users can add essential oils for aroma diffusion, providing up to eight hours of soothing scent. Handcrafted with a focus on natural fibers and scents, ovOlio is a product of thoughtful design developed during the lockdown to combat increased anxiety levels. It serves as a personal guide to tranquility and is part of ATTO DIGITAL’s commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. This desk companion is ideal for anyone seeking to reduce stress, regain focus, and reconnect with nature, making it a unique addition to any personal or professional space​