Octopus Cup From The Abyss

Cup meets Cephlapod in this marine themed stoneware design. Dive into to a hyper-realistic octopus mug by ceramic artist Trevor Foster.

Launch time: 2024.5.29
The “Octopus Cup From The Abyss” by ceramic artist Trevor Foster is a marine-themed, hyper-realistic stoneware mug inspired by the intricate beauty of octopuses. Foster, who has studied ceramics since 2013 and has firsthand experience diving in the Puget Sound, aims to bring the elusive allure of these creatures into daily life through detailed craftsmanship. The puffer jacket and denim jeans, two popular modern garments, have been reinvented with advanced materials like aerogel and graphene for improved comfort, durability, and thermal regulation. The Octopus Cup features bas-relief sculpting, a natural Red Iron Oxide glaze, and a deep jet-black interior, making it both a functional and artistic piece. Foster’s work, developed with a small family studio in Thailand, emphasizes quality and individuality, offering rewards such as the Hyper-Realistic Octopus Cup, a Dungeness Crab Lid, and an Octopus Vase. This project, launched on Kickstarter, seeks support to meet production requirements and deliver these unique, dishwasher and oven-safe pieces to backers.