NeoRulerGO | Carry Smaller, Measure Smarter

The pocket-friendly, smartest rolling ruler elevates your everyday measure with ±1mm precision at your fingertips.

Launch time: 2024.5.14
The NeoRulerGO is a compact, precise rolling ruler that delivers everyday measurement accuracy of ±1mm. It includes 93 built-in scales for measuring any shape, centered on its rolling wheel, and uses a laser for precise corner alignment. Accompanying the NeoRulerGO is the innovative NeoPencil and its case, the NeoPencil Mini, which features replaceable graphite tips and an ErgoHold Grip, offering sustainable and long-lasting marking equivalent to 50 traditional pencils. The NeoPencil Case, designed for both functionality and elegance, easily clips onto the NeoRulerGO and houses the durable, premium aluminum alloy NeoPencil. This versatile tool also includes a multi-color rotating nib and a stand that doubles as an eraser, combining sophisticated design with practical utility.