Mowrator S1: Smart Remote Control Slope Vacuum Mower

Mow Like A Beast | 75% mowing slope | Super Vacuum For Leaves | One-button Dumping|1.125 Acres Per Charge|10 Years Battery Life|Safety

Launch time: 2024.3.27
The Mowrator S1 is a pioneering remote-controlled mower designed for homeowners, offering a blend of innovation and convenience in lawn maintenance. Unlike its counterparts equipped with smaller blades, the Mowrator S1 features a 21-inch blade capable of effortlessly cutting through thick and tall grass, making it ideal for handling the challenging terrains and slopes up to 75%. It excels in efficiency, covering up to 1.125 acres on a single charge, supported by a durable battery that lasts up to 10 years. This mower simplifies yard work with its remote control functionality, including one-button dumping, assisted driving for straightforward navigation, and an optional vacuum kit for leaf collection. Safety is paramount, with the device equipped with ultrasonic sensors to prevent collisions and technology to halt the blade immediately if the discharge area is accessed, aiming for TUV safety certification. The Mowrator S1 is designed to be robust, with a waterproof and dustproof construction, ensuring reliability under tough conditions.