MIGO Ascender - The Stair-Climbing Robot Vacuum

Stairs Climbing & Cleaning|100% Edge Cleaning|9700Pa Suction Power|17N Mopping Pressure|Fully Enclosed All-in-One Base Station

Launch time: 2024.3.21
The Migo Ascender is a stair-climbing robot vacuum that offers 100% edge cleaning, 9700Pa suction power, and 17N mopping pressure. Equipped with advanced AI algorithms and a large-capacity battery, the Ascender can clean the entire house, including stairs, with ease. Featuring innovative design elements such as motorized omnidirectional wheels, a pivotable brushing system, and high-speed scrubbing capabilities, the Ascender ensures thorough and deep cleaning on various surfaces. The robot’s smart cleaning features, including obstacle avoidance and auto-recharging, combined with its user-friendly app control and voice command integration, make it a convenient and efficient cleaning solution for homes. The Ascender’s all-in-one dock offers a quiet and convenient dust emptying experience, making it a lifestyle upgrade for any household. Additionally, the robot’s energy-saving features and flexible operation options provide cost-effective and customizable cleaning solutions for users.