Micron: A Desktop SLS 3D Printer

The power of industrial manufacturing at your desktop.

Launch time: 2024.6.13
The Micron is a desktop Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printer that brings the power of industrial manufacturing to your workspace. Designed for engineers, designers, and creators, it allows for the creation of detailed prototypes and durable end-use products without the need for support structures. The printer uses a high-powered laser to fuse powdered material, enabling the printing of complex geometries. With a custom closed-loop galvo laser system for high precision and the ability to print interlocking parts in-place, Micron simplifies assembly processes and reduces the Bill of Materials (BoM) count. It produces fully dense parts from materials like Nylon, TPU, and Carbon Fiber Composites, ensuring durability and wear resistance. Micron maximizes productivity by allowing parts to be stacked within the build volume and features a custom slicer software, MicroSlicer, for optimized part arrangement. Its hassle-free operation includes a sift bin for easy post-processing and a fully enclosed powder handling system for instant material switching. Prioritizing safety, Micron uses non-toxic Nylon powder and features a built-in carbon-HEPA filter system. Built and supported in the USA, Micron ensures reliability with over 40 sensors and offline operation to protect data privacy.