Learn Design for 3D Printing - Fusion 360 + ZBrush

Full courses from industry experts on design for 3D printing using Fusion 360 and ZBrush.

Launch time: 2024.6.18
The “Learn Design for 3D Printing” course offers comprehensive training on Fusion 360 and ZBrush, taught by industry experts with extensive experience. This course is ideal for aspiring engineers, artists, hobbyists, and anyone passionate about 3D printing. It starts from the basics and progresses to advanced techniques, making it suitable for both beginners and those familiar with 3D design. Fusion 360, favored for its parametric modeling and free hobby license, helps in creating precise, functional designs. ZBrush, known for its detailed sculpting capabilities, is perfect for digital artists and those creating intricate models. The course emphasizes practical, real-world applications and includes hands-on sculpting demonstrations. It covers essential techniques for designing 3D printable parts and optimizing them for production.