LAWK ONE:AR Glasses for Outdoor Adventure

Navigator&Bike Computer&Sports Camera&Headphone&AI Voice Control&Head-up Display&Hands-free Safety for Outdoor Adventures

Launch time: 2023.9.26
LAWK ONE, an innovative all-in-one AR device crafted for outdoor enthusiasts. Weighing a mere 80g, this device seamlessly integrates multiple functionalities including a stud finder, thermal imager, cross laser level, 4K sports camera, headphone, AI voice control, head-up display, and hands-free safety features. LAWK ONE elevates outdoor experiences by delivering real-time sports data tracking, high-quality 4K video recording, advanced navigation, and dynamic music playback. Equipped with a voice-guided interface, a first-person view 4K sports camera, open stereo speakers for music, and an AI voice assistant powered by ChatGPT, LAWK ONE ensures seamless connectivity with call answering and message reminders. Its Micro-LED display with binocular waveguide technology ensures clear visibility even in bright sunlight, while UV380 lenses provide essential sun protection. Designed with water-resistant and non-slip features, LAWK ONE emerges as the ultimate outdoor companion, offering both adaptability and rugged durability.