KUKU Maker: Take Control Of Your Coffee Taste

Enjoy your preferred coffee exactly the way you like it - with options for flavor, thick or light consistency, and hot or cold serving.

Launch time: 2024.1.19
The KUKU Maker, featured on Kickstarter, is a novel coffee maker that revolutionizes the traditional coffee brewing process. It combines high-temperature extraction using electromagnetic induction for quick and precise heating, with variable-temperature extraction for creating diverse coffee flavors. The device stands out for its use of centrifugal force to maintain consistent pressure during extraction, ensuring uniform quality across brews. Its ergonomic powder funnel design and open tunnel structure simplify the brewing and cleaning process, while the machine’s energy efficiency is enhanced by its electromagnetic induction heating method, boasting up to 90% thermal conversion efficiency. Additionally, the KUKU Maker comes with a customized app, allowing users to tailor their coffee brewing experience. Its durable aluminum alloy construction and IP65 water-resistance rating further add to its appeal. For Kickstarter backers, the KUKU Maker offers an extended two-year warranty, ensuring a reliable and innovative coffee brewing experience​