INVZI GaNHub: World's Smallest 45W Dual USB-C GaN Charger

Max 45W Power GaN Charger | Fast Charging Samsung, iPhone 15, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro | Small, Powerful and Style

Launch time: 2023.9.5
The INVZI GaNHub, an advanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) charger renowned for its sleek design and powerful 45W output capacity. Equipped with dual USB-C ports, this charger facilitates simultaneous charging for a multitude of devices, including Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro. Its intelligent power distribution system caters to the unique energy requirements of each device, while also supporting Super Fast Charging for Samsung S23 devices. Leveraging the latest GaN technology, the charger ensures efficient power transmission and effective heat dissipation, all within a compact frame, distinguishing it from conventional chargers. Its foldable aluminum USB-C ports add to its versatility, and it is conveniently available with US, UK, or EU plug options. With globally recognized safety certifications and dynamic power management, the INVZI GaNHub provides a sophisticated, energy-efficient charging solution for a diverse array of devices.