heat it™ pro: Smartphone-Powered Insect Bite Relief

Treat itchy insect bites through concentrated heat. Just heat it with your smartphone!

Launch time: 2024.3.13
The heat it™ pro is a smartphone-powered device designed for providing relief from itchy insect bites. By harnessing concentrated heat, this innovative solution effectively treats discomfort caused by bites from mosquitoes, horseflies, bees, and wasps. Users simply connect the compact, keychain-friendly device to their smartphone’s charging port, initiating the heat it™ app, which offers 12 customizable treatment modes based on individual needs. With treatment times ranging from 4 to 9 seconds and temperatures between 117 and 126 °F, the heat it™ provides quick and natural itch relief without the use of drugs. The device is energy-efficient, drawing minimal power from the smartphone, ensuring safety for both the device and its users with features like Apple MFi certification and adjustable settings for sensitive skin and children. Following the success of its original model, the new heat it™ pro version introduces premium features like a sophisticated design, superior materials, a clever mounting mechanism, and the integrated BiteLight™ for nighttime use, alongside compatibility with the latest iPhone models.