Haptique RS90: A True universal remote controller

Designed to reduce over-dependency on smartphones as user interfaces in the smart home.

Launch time: 2024.6.4
The Haptique RS90 is a true universal remote controller designed to reduce reliance on smartphones for smart home management. This user-friendly, standalone IoT device seamlessly integrates with third-party IP systems, allowing it to control all your home or office electronics. Unlike touchscreens, Haptique reintroduces physical buttons with haptic feedback, providing tangible, reliable control. It operates independently of smart hubs, using infrared, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to manage devices with a custom UI and physical buttons. Created by AV professionals, Haptique simplifies complex systems, offering quick, customizable control for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its advanced UI supports macros and quick commands, replacing multiple remotes and apps. With extensive third-party IP integrations and a vast device database, Haptique revolutionizes smart home management with ease and efficiency.