GPD WIN Mini: 7-inch 120Hz Gaming Handheld Console

520g, 7840U / 7640U, 7" 1080P@120Hz, 16GB/32GB RAM, 512GB~2TB SSD, USB4 & Oculink, GPD G1 Support

Launch time: 2023.9.4
The GPD WIN Mini, an ultra-compact gaming handheld console that packs a punch with its formidable array of features. Weighing a mere 520g, this device boasts a 7-inch 1080P@120Hz high-refresh-rate gaming screen, empowered by the AMD Ryzen 7 7000 Series APU, built on the robust Zen 4 architecture. This APU is equipped with the AVX-512 instruction set, SmartShift MAX technology, and SmartAccess Memory, delivering an unparalleled gaming performance. Equipped with a PCIe Gen4 M.2 2230 SSD ranging from 512GB to 2TB, it ensures swift load times for an uninterrupted gaming experience. Enhanced with precise Hall Effect mini joysticks, linear analog triggers, and customizable macro keys, the console elevates gameplay to new heights. Additionally, it integrates 3-axis gravity sensing and a 3-axis gyroscope, enabling immersive motion control gaming. With DTS:X Ultra sound effects, support for USB4 and Oculink, and an exceptionally high-density battery, the GPD WIN Mini is meticulously designed to offer a compelling and immersive gaming encounter in a convenient, portable package.