Gearsvibe - 3D Metal Puzzle Plasma Spider With Plasma Lamp

3D Metal Puzzle | 627-piece | Cyberpunk Style | Plasma Ball | Movable Joints | No Pre-cut Sheet & Glue Needed | Concept Design

Launch time: 2023.11.21
The GearsVibe 3D Metal Puzzle Plasma Spider with Plasma Lamp, featured on Kickstarter, is an innovative and complex puzzle comprising 627 pieces, designed in a striking cyberpunk style. This captivating puzzle not only challenges enthusiasts with its intricate assembly process but also mesmerizes with its interactive 3-inch plasma sphere that transforms stored energy into fascinating light displays. The puzzle boasts movable joints, enhancing its interactivity and display value post-assembly. Uniquely, it requires no pre-cut sheets or glue for assembly, making it accessible and straightforward to build. This combination of challenging construction, futuristic aesthetics, and interactive elements makes the Plasma Spider a unique piece of art.