Gaming Masterclass

Now Any One Can Make Games by Using The Latest AI Tools - ChatGPT, Ludo, Kaedim & More

Launch time: 2023.11.15
The “Gaming Masterclass” by Eduonix, is an extensive online course meticulously designed for aspiring game developers. This masterclass includes nine detailed courses, encompassing over 520 lectures, which collectively offer more than 140 hours of video content. The curriculum is diverse, covering essential aspects of game development such as creating 2D and 3D games using popular game engines like Unity 3D and Unreal Engine. Participants in this program will gain a thorough understanding of C# basics, Unity, Unreal Engine, and mobile game programming. Additionally, the course delves into advanced concepts like physically based rendering, node-based language of substance designer, and more. This robust educational offering is ideal for individuals who are passionate about game development and are looking to significantly enhance their skills in creating a variety of games for different platforms, including mobiles and Windows. Whether you are a beginner or looking to advance your existing skills, this masterclass provides a comprehensive learning journey into the world of game development.