FLECTR 360 TWIN | 360° visibility for your night ride

Today's most powerful bike wheel reflector for maximum safety. Ride in style and with greater visibility.

Launch time: 2023.9.20
The FLECTR 360 TWIN, an innovative bicycle wheel reflector meticulously designed to optimize safety during nighttime rides without compromising on style and performance. Recognized for its outstanding design, this award-winning reflector ensures 360° visibility from all angles, effectively covering the entire rim to enhance visibility from the front, back, and sides. Unlike cumbersome plastic reflectors, it maintains a lightweight, aerodynamic profile, adding to its visual appeal. The FLECTR 360 TWIN boasts top-tier reflectivity (RA3C), owing to the utilization of custom materials that adhere seamlessly to the intricate surfaces of bicycle rims. With its adaptable nature accommodating various rim shapes and sizes, it champions eco-friendliness by conserving a significant 90% of the raw materials typically consumed by traditional reflectors. This cutting-edge reflector harmoniously integrates safety, aesthetics, and sustainability, resulting in an unparalleled nighttime riding experience.