CYBERZOIC- Sci Fi Dinosaur and Dragon action figures

Armored Dinosaurs and Alien Dragons clash in this new science fiction toy line centered around nature and mankind's place within it.

Launch time: 2023.10.3
Cyberzoic is an exciting new science fiction toy line that brings together armored dinosaurs and alien dragons, creating a clash between prehistoric wildlife and futuristic elements. Similar to Beasts of the Mesozoic, this collection offers highly detailed and articulated 1/18th scale action figures inspired by the natural world. What sets Cyberzoic apart is its addition of transforming armor sets, modular armor weapons, human rider characters, and fantastical dragons inspired by natural history. Notably, some of the armor pieces are compatible with existing Beasts of the Mesozoic figures of similar size and type, allowing collectors to expand their collections seamlessly. So, Cyberzoic offers a thrilling blend of sci-fi and natural world elements for action figure enthusiasts.