CJRB Breeze: The Easy EDC Pocket Tool

A stylish pocket tool that ensures that you’ll always be prepared with a backup blade.

Launch time: 2024.2.5
The CJRB Breeze, a multifunctional EDC pocket tool from Artisan Cutlery’s budget-friendly brand, has achieved significant success on Kickstarter, surpassing its funding goal with its compact design and versatile features. This innovative tool, which resembles a fidget spinner but is actually a practical multi-tool, measures just over 3 inches in length and offers a replaceable utility razor, a hex bit driver, a bottle opener, and a measuring implement, all within its slim profile. Available in various materials including aluminum/titanium mix, full titanium, and stainless steel, the Breeze caters to different preferences with weights ranging from 1.41 oz to 2.65 oz. Its design focuses on providing maximum utility in minimal space, appealing to backers with its blend of functionality, efficiency, and elegance.