CIGA Design Eye of Horus Automatic Skeleton Watch

Fully Transparent | Skeleton Design | Automatic Mechanical | Mythically Inspired | Luminous |Durable

Launch time: 2023.11.8
The CIGA Design Eye of Horus Automatic Skeleton Watch is an innovative timepiece that uniquely blends modern watchmaking with ancient mythological inspiration. It features the specially developed caliber CD-01 automatic movement, demonstrating CIGA Design’s commitment to technical excellence. The watch showcases a striking back-to-front skeleton design, allowing a full view of its intricate workings, a hallmark of CIGA Design’s approach to transparency in design. A standout feature is the second hand, designed as a triangle symbolizing the Eye of Horus, making it a first in CIGA Design’s collection. This model is distinguished as the inaugural watch in their lineup to be inspired by myths, infusing elements of power and energy into its design. Additionally, it boasts luminous hands and hour markers that emit a mystic green glow, ensuring legibility in low-light conditions. The watch is further enhanced by an obsidian jewel, adding a touch of elegance and mystique.