ChatGPT & Gemini AI at Work[Ethically]

Making Work Faster, Smarter, Ethical. Boost Your Efficiency with Ethical AI—Making Work Easier for Everyone.

Launch time: 2024.1.9
The “ChatGPT & Gemini AI at Work” program is an innovative initiative that leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT and Gemini AI to enhance workplace efficiency and creativity. ChatGPT serves as a writing master and communication guru, adept at crafting emails, reports, and presentations, while also offering translation skills for multilingual communication. Gemini AI complements this with its strengths in logic, data analysis, and numerical computations. The program is structured into sections that cover the introduction to these AI tools, their functionalities, ethical usage, and practical applications in various professional tasks such as email optimization, report writing, content creation, and social media marketing. It also focuses on skill enhancement, both soft skills like time management and collaboration, and hard skills such as coding and data analysis. For Kickstarter backers, it includes over 100 interactive prompts, expert-led tutorials, and lifetime access to course materials, aiming to develop proficiency in AI for increased efficiency, creativity, and lifelong learning.