Carvera Air: A Smart and Versatile Desktop CNC

Endless Materials | Quick Tool Changer | Auto Probing and Leveling | 4th Axis | Laser Engraving | All-in-one CAM Software

Launch time: 2024.4.9
The Carvera Air is a versatile and innovative desktop CNC machine that offers a broad range of functionalities suitable for hobbyists, designers, and small businesses. It features automatic probing and leveling for precise cuts on uneven materials, a quick tool changer to minimize idle time, and a 4th-axis module for machining cylindrical items and 3D shapes. The machine can handle various materials including wood, plastic, metal, and can also produce professional-grade PCBs, even double-sided ones, without the use of messy chemicals. An optional 5W laser head extends its capabilities to precise laser engraving and cutting. Its all-in-one CAM software, Makera CAM, along with compatibility with other commercial software, simplifies the transition to CNC machining. The machine’s robust design with a solid die-cast frame and fully enclosed structure ensures durability, precision, and safety, making it ideal for both personal and small-scale commercial applications. Carvera Air is designed to boost productivity and creativity, allowing for the production of everything from custom jewelry and detailed woodwork to RC drones and robotic parts.