Artemis - Future Bow & Arrow Universe

Real Archery Gaming | Smooth Archery Experience | From Novice to Pro | Easy Set-Up | 600g Lightweight | Metaverse

Launch time: 2023.11.7
The Artemis Future Bow and Arrow Universe is an innovative blend of physical and digital gaming, offering an immersive archery experience. It features the Aiming Module 2.0 for precise and smooth gameplay, and is lightweight with an ergonomic design for comfort. Integrated with the WONDER FITTER app, Artemis provides diverse gameplay options on various platforms including mobile and the metaverse. It offers activities like shooting range and hunting, supports both split-screen and online multiplayer modes, and doubles as a fitness tool. Safety is prioritized with multiple security measures and an adaptive cushion valve to absorb arrow impact, ensuring a safe and enjoyable archery experience.