Anker SOLIX F3800: Minimum Effort, Maximum Power

6,000W-12,000W, 120/240V AC Output | Expandable up to 53.8kWh | Whole Home Power Back-up and Home Energy Cycle

Launch time: 2023.10.9
The Anker SOLIX F3800 is a powerful and versatile energy solution designed for effortless home power backup and easy integration with solar panels. Offering an impressive 6,000W-12,000W AC output with support for both 120V and 240V, it can power various appliances and devices. This portable power station ensures a quiet and sustainable operation with no fumes, low noise, and free recharging, leading to minimal maintenance costs. With the capability to expand its capacity up to 53.8kWh, it enables uninterrupted living during blackouts and provides a seamless home solar power cycle. Users can maximize electricity savings through the Anker app by customizing power usage based on solar energy availability and electricity rates. The product’s durable components, 5-year warranty with InfiniPower™, and easy integration with RVs and electric vehicles (EVs) make it a convenient and reliable option for both home and travel use, further facilitated by its portable handles and industrial-grade castor wheels.