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PenClab Next-Gen Air Conditioner: The Ultimate Indoor and Outdoor Cooling Solution

PenClab Next-Gen Air Conditioner The Ultimate Indoor and Outdoor Cooling Solution

If you’re looking for a versatile and powerful air conditioner that can handle both indoor and outdoor cooling, the PenClab Next-Gen Window & Outdoors Air Conditioner is a top contender. With its robust features and user-friendly design, PenClab promises to keep you cool and comfortable no matter where you are.

Why Choose PenClab?

1. Powerful and Efficient Cooling

PenClab boasts a formidable 10,000 BTU/h cooling capacity, capable of rapidly cooling spaces up to 450 square feet. Whether you’re in a small room or a larger area, PenClab ensures quick relief from the heat. Its wide temperature adjustment range, from 17°C to 30°C, allows you to customize your comfort level to suit any situation. This air conditioner is perfect for various settings, from cozy bedrooms to bustling office spaces, and even outdoor tents and garages.

2. Effortless Installation and Versatility

One of PenClab’s standout features is its easy installation process. Designed to fit both vertical and horizontal window types, it requires no complicated tools or procedures, making it accessible to anyone. The customizable compressors and window mount ensure a secure fit, adapting seamlessly to your needs. Weighing just 8.2 kg, PenClab is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move from one room to another or even take it outdoors.

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3. Advanced Features for Enhanced Comfort

PenClab is more than just a powerful air conditioner; it’s packed with features that enhance your overall comfort. The self-evaporating system eliminates the need for drainage by vaporizing condensation, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Additionally, the negative ion purification feature cleans the air by removing pollutants like dust and allergens, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment.

4. User-Friendly Controls and Quiet Operation

Controlling PenClab is a breeze with multiple options available. Whether you prefer using the mobile app, touch panel, or remote control, adjusting the settings to your preference is straightforward and convenient. Despite its powerful performance, PenClab operates quietly at just 42 dB, ensuring it won’t disturb you while you work or sleep. The sleep timer feature allows you to set the air conditioner to turn off automatically, preventing it from getting too cold during the night.

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5. Durable and Reliable for Any Environment

Built with IPX4 waterproof materials, PenClab is designed to withstand rain and other outdoor elements, making it a reliable companion for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re camping, having a backyard barbecue, or simply enjoying your patio, PenClab delivers consistent cooling performance without the risk of weather damage.

How is it doing on Kickstarter?

Launch time: 2024/5/14

Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 12,809

Backers In 24 Hours: 36

24 Hours To Reach Goal: 128%

What to know more about PenClab? Check on Kickstarter now!

The PenClab Next-Gen Window & Outdoors Air Conditioner is a versatile and powerful cooling solution that excels in both indoor and outdoor settings. With its impressive cooling capacity, easy installation, advanced features, and user-friendly controls, PenClab provides a comprehensive and comfortable cooling experience. Its lightweight, portable design and durable construction make it a reliable choice for anyone looking to beat the heat effortlessly.

Allen Jones

Allen Jones

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