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Trending Crowdfunding Projects in the Third Week of September 2023

In the dynamic world of technology and innovation, the third week of September 2023 has witnessed a fascinating array of crowdfunding projects that promise to revolutionize various aspects of our lives. These projects span a wide range of applications, from enhancing our comfort during outdoor adventures to harnessing cutting-edge materials developed for space exploration. As we delve into the details of these trending crowdfunding endeavors, we embark on a journey through the realms of creativity, ingenuity, and the relentless pursuit of making our everyday experiences more efficient and enjoyable.

Let’s explore these remarkable projects and the possibilities they hold for shaping our future.

1. Kickstarter - SUNLU FilaDryer S4
  • Launch time: 2023.9.13
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 1,551,290
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 2,028 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 1551%

The SUNLU FilaDryer S4 is a versatile filament drying solution designed for 3D printing enthusiasts. With a spacious design measuring 458mm*218mm*312mm, it can accommodate up to four 1kg filament rolls simultaneously, making it suitable for concurrent printing with multiple printers. The device offers pre-configured temperature settings for common filaments like PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PA, and PC, streamlining the drying process. Equipped with a powerful PTC heating element and a triple-fan setup, it can quickly heat up to 70°C, significantly faster than its predecessor. The dual-safeguard system and a soft gel layer on the roller ensure safety and prevent filament deformation. Efficient interior heat circulation, humidity control, and an integrated humidity sensor further enhance its performance. Beyond 3D printing, users find creative applications, such as drying gloves and shoes, with this versatile tool.

  • Launch time: 2023.9.16
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: AU$ 149,261
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 1,485 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 995%

The Vertex Pouch is a stylish and versatile tech organizer that offers streamlined organization for both your desk and on-the-go needs. It functions as a tech pouch with dedicated compartments for your essentials, including tablets, headphones, cables, and more, ensuring everything is neatly organized and ready for any situation. Additionally, it can be transformed into a desk caddy to keep your workspace tidy and efficient, and with the removable padded strap, it becomes a convenient sling bag for when you’re on the move. The pouch is made from sustainable Axoflux™ fabric, offering weatherproof and waterproof protection for your gear. It also features quick-access pockets, a comfortable padded shoulder strap, and a commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly materials and support for environmental causes. The Vertex Pouch provides a stylish and functional solution for tech organization and convenience.

3. Indiegogo - ZERO PUMP
  • Launch time: 2023.9.14
  • Pledged In 48 Hours: US$ 32,279
  • Backer In 48 Hours: 891 Backer
  • 48 Hours To Reach Goal: 645%

ZERO PUMP is a revolutionary, ultralight air pump designed for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly backpackers, to inflate and deflate sleeping pads efficiently. Weighing just 1.2 ounces and measuring a mere 1.02 by 2.95 inches, it’s incredibly compact and can even hang on a key ring, saving valuable backpack space. Utilizing AIRVORTECH™ technology 2.0 and a micro-motor, ZERO PUMP achieves rapid inflation in just 50 seconds with a high air flow rate and pressure. It can inflate up to 25 sleeping pads consecutively and works with various brands. The device is easy to use, hands-free, and includes a deflation feature for packing convenience. It’s also versatile, functioning as a fire starter and offering replaceable batteries for on-the-go charging. With its durable design, anti-drop features, and noise reduction, ZERO PUMP is a compact powerhouse for outdoor adventurers.

  • Launch time: 2023.9.12
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: €37,745
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 510 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 377%

Leo is an award-winning device designed to extend the lifespan of your portable electronics’ batteries by up to 50%, benefiting both your wallet and the environment. By simply plugging Leo between your charger and device, it automatically analyzes your battery and sets an optimal charge limit of approximately 90%, significantly prolonging battery life. Leo also regulates charging speeds and schedules breaks during night charging to reduce the duration at high charge percentages and voltage. It can be used with various USB-C devices and offers the flexibility of fast charging when needed. Leo’s sustainability-focused design includes updatable software, a modular and replaceable cable, and an optional app for battery analytics and updates, making it a user-friendly, eco-conscious battery life extender.

  • Launch time: 2023.9.12
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 56,508
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 374 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 565%

The Layover XL Travel Blanket is a versatile and highly packable insulated blanket designed for travelers seeking warmth and comfort on the go. It addresses the challenge of fluctuating temperatures during travel, whether on drafty planes, chilly campfires, road trips, or sporting events. Unlike cumbersome options, the Layover XL is compact, packing down to a size no larger than two soda cans. It offers warmth similar to a puffy jacket, thanks to its breathable nylon covering and snug insulated filling. The blanket comes with practical features like a roll-top stuff sack, hoodie sleeve with zipper pocket, micro-fleece kangaroo pouch, leg pocket, snap fasteners for adjusting size, and a water-resistant, anti-static coating. With its compact size and practical design, it’s a convenient travel companion for staying cozy in various situations.

  • Launch time: 2023.9.12
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 176,828
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 104 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 353%

MAKA’s All-in-1 Pro Laser Measure is a highly versatile tool that combines a stud finder, thermal imager, cross laser level, and more in one device. It allows users to scan walls to identify hidden objects, making drilling and screwing tasks more precise. The thermal imager helps troubleshoot housing issues, and the laser measure is adaptable for various on-site measuring needs. It self-calibrates to detect materials like wood, metal, and wire and displays results on an illuminated graphical LCD. The device also features an accurate center finder with an audible detection signal. With five image modes and the ability to store up to 52 images, MAKA’s All-in-1 Pro Laser Measure offers comprehensive functionality for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

  • Launch time: 2023.9.13
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: € 112,962
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 361 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 753%

The Pawly Door is an intelligent cat door equipped with prey detection capabilities and advanced features to enhance the safety and well-being of your feline companion. This revolutionary cat door prevents your cat from bringing prey indoors, eliminating the need for mouse traps and messy cleanups. Using artificial intelligence, the door detects when your cat enters and identifies if it’s carrying prey. The door only grants access to authorized cats through chip recognition technology. It also includes a “Lost Cat” feature in the Pawly App, allowing you to receive notifications when your cat is spotted by another Pawly Door or community member, facilitating reunions with missing cats. Installation is quick and easy, fitting various locations in your home, and it can be controlled remotely via the Pawly App, offering features like access management, hunting activity tracking, and health insights. Designed for durability and reliability, the Pawly Door also offers exceptional night vision for prey detection day and night.

  • Launch time: 2023.9.14
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: € 46,722
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 159 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 233%

Exoy™ ONE is a revolutionary lighting fixture that merges art, technology, and relaxation to create an immersive and customizable lighting experience. This AI-powered lamp offers over 70 modes and 10 unique mode packs, with new modes added regularly, allowing you to tailor your lighting to your emotions and moods. It features an infinity mirror design, casting an endless array of lights, and incorporates AI-Powered Music Sync technology to transform your favorite tunes into a vibrant, multi-dimensional light show. The AI-Powered Scene Generation adapts lighting patterns based on music genre and energy, creating a dynamic and intricate visual experience. You can control Exoy™ ONE via a user-friendly mobile app, connect up to 100 devices for synchronized lighting, and enjoy mood-sensitive background lighting. It’s not just lighting; it’s an artistic journey into the infinite, backed by Dutch quality and a commitment to sustainability through recycled materials and self-repairable design, ensuring a reduced environmental impact and long-lasting enjoyment.

  • Launch time: 2023.9.12
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 52,339
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 116 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 209%

The SMART Tire Company introduces revolutionary airless bicycle tires inspired by NASA technology. These SMART tires, made from shape memory alloys, offer cyclists a high-performance, lightweight, and sustainable alternative to traditional pneumatic tires. Developed initially for Mars Rover missions, these tires require no air pressure, providing a smooth ride with low rolling resistance. Constructed with Nitinol, a superelastic alloy, they exhibit outstanding energy return, shock absorption, and durability. They remain unaffected by temperature changes, eliminate the need for spare tubes, and are practically indestructible. With sustainability in mind, these tires aim to reduce waste in the tire industry, offering a longer-lasting, eco-friendly solution for cyclists of all types, from commuters to pro-level riders.

  • Launch time: 2023.9.14
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 65,204
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 53 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 652%

The Segway Power Station Cube Series is a high-capacity and versatile power solution equipped with durable LiFePO4 batteries that support over 4,000 charge-discharge cycles. With an expandable capacity of up to 5kWh, it’s suitable for extending travel adventures and serves as a reliable backup power source during unexpected outages. The cordless design simplifies installation, maintaining an IP56 protection rating for durability. It can power a wide range of home appliances, thanks to its high-power surge function, and provides robust support for power tools with its 2200W AC output and 4400W surge capability. It offers super-fast recharging options, including 1250W AC charging and 800W solar charging with high efficiency. The Cube Series features a durable construction with an IP56 waterproof rating, ensuring reliable performance in various conditions, and can be remotely controlled and monitored through a Smart App for convenient management of power flow and usage.

Allen Jones

Allen Jones

Allen Jones, a Columbia Marketing alumnus with a decade in crowdfunding, founded Hunt4Best in 2019. A crowdfunding pioneer, he noticed faux "crowdfunding communities" aggregating projects without real community spirit. To counter this, he led a team to create Hunt4Best—an authentic crowdfunding community. It dissects industry trends, showcases top projects, and fosters crowdfunding expertise exchange. With his team, Jones developed the F-P-E analysis model, a comprehensive framework driving Hunt4Best's operations.

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