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Trending Crowdfunding Projects in the Second Week of January 2024

In this week’s crowdfunding scene, diversity and innovation take center stage. From the practical “Things-Could-Be-Worse Bowls” to the versatile “The Dual|From Work to Leisure in a Snap,” these projects showcase the trends of February 2024. The “MelGeek Modern97 Compact & Programmable Mechanical Keyboard” brings a modern design sensibility, while the “Dockcase Pocket M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure – Photography Edition” is tailored for photographers, and the “NASA OVD watch – Full Moon Rising” demonstrates a unique aesthetic. Additionally, “The Asterisk: Steno Keyboard For Beginners” offers a new avenue for learning shorthand, and the “Konsivy Pro: 4K Breakthrough Multifunctional WIFI Telescope” emerges as a new favorite for astronomy enthusiasts. Coupled with the “Machine Era | Pencil” and “Puresky Waste Composter: Turn Kitchen Waste into Compost,” these projects not only showcase a fusion of technology and design but also highlight sustainability and environmental consciousness.

1. Kickstarter - Things-Could-Be-Worse Bowls
  • Launch time: 2024.1.6
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 57,196
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 546 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 1143%

The “Things Could Be Worse” bowls, part of the Calamityware series by artist Don Moyer, successfully blend traditional and whimsical elements. These porcelain bowls feature the classic blue Willow pattern intertwined with playful, perilous scenarios like robots and UFOs. Moyer’s creative journey began with a reinterpretation of the Willow pattern plates, leading to a wider range of products under Calamityware, all marked by their unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern, humorous designs. This approach has resulted in a diverse collection that includes mugs, kitchen textiles, and apparel, all manufactured traditionally in Poland. Moyer’s self-indulgent, client-free creative process allows him to explore whimsical and unusual ideas, resulting in distinctive and amusing products.

2. Kickstarter - The Dual|From Work to Leisure in a Snap
  • Launch time: 2024.1.4
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 37,328
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 197 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 546%

“The Dual | From Work to Leisure in a Snap” Kickstarter project stands out for its multifaceted and user-friendly design aimed at enhancing the daily routines of its users. The primary feature of this product is its innovative mechanism that enables the attachment of a mobile phone to a badge, offering a hands-free experience. This is particularly advantageous for professionals who need quick and easy access to their phones while multitasking. The product’s dual-sided Tap & Go functionality is a key aspect, allowing users to effortlessly switch between a mode optimized for work and another for leisure activities, highlighting its versatility.

3. Kickstarter - MelGeek Modern97 Compact & Programmable Mechanical Keyboard
  • Launch time: 2024.1.2
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 270,638
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 331 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 270%

The MelGeek Modern 97 is a highly versatile and compact mechanical keyboard, designed to cater to both professional and gaming needs. It features a 97% layout for space optimization and supports multiple connectivity options including 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth, and wired connections, capable of switching between up to eight devices. A standout feature is its impressive 406-day battery life, achieved through advanced battery management technology. The keyboard is equipped with custom Kailh Sonic53 switches for rapid response, a 1ms response time, and customizable RGB lighting, enhancing both typing and gaming experiences. Additionally, it offers an upgraded gasket mount structure for a softer typing experience and is built with eco-friendly, biodegradable materials. Overall, the MelGeek Modern 97 combines functionality, durability, and style, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of users

4. Kickstarter - Dockcase Pocket M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure
  • Launch time: 2024.1.3
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 21,827
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 171 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 436%

The DockCase Pocket M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure – Photography Edition is a specialized tool designed for photographers and videographers, featuring robust connectivity with USB 3.2 Gen 2 speeds, ideal for high-quality content capture. It accommodates up to 2TB SSDs (not included) and supports a range of NVMe M.2 drives, ensuring broad compatibility and ample storage. Notably, it includes power loss protection and a Read Only Mode to safeguard data. Users benefit from a built-in screen displaying essential SSD information, like health and data transfer statistics. The enclosure’s design emphasizes efficient heat dissipation, and its portability makes it suitable for field use. Installation is user-friendly, requiring simple assembly. Overall, it offers a blend of high performance, convenience, and smart features, making it an advantageous accessory for modern photography and videography needs​

  • Launch time: 2024.1.2
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: HK$ 363,910
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 122 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 519%

The “Full Moon: A Real Moon Watch by OVD” is an innovative timepiece that pays homage to NASA’s Artemis lunar missions, incorporating a distinctive 3D model of the moon in its dial, which functions as a rotating second hand. This feature is enhanced with a Swiss Superluminova coating for a luminous effect. The watch sports a 43mm diameter case and a 48.3mm lug-to-lug length, ensuring a comfortable fit, and is characterized by a sandblasted matte finish for an elegant look. Inspired by the Artemis SLS rocket, the watch exemplifies high-level craftsmanship in its design details. Launched via Kickstarter by the Japanese micro-watch brand OVD, known for its creative watch designs, this model has surpassed its funding goals, highlighting its popularity and unique appeal. It comes with a 2-year warranty and the promise of excellent customer service, making it a sought-after collector’s item for both watch enthusiasts and space exploration fans​

6. Kickstarter - The Asterisk Steno Keyboard For Beginners
  • Launch time: 2024.1.1
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 4,976
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 68 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 99%

The Asterisk Steno Keyboard is a Kickstarter project designed to introduce beginners to the world of stenography, aiming to help them achieve typing speeds of up to 200 words per minute. The project’s success is evident in its funding progress, having significantly surpassed its initial goal. This indicates a strong market interest in stenography as a skill, particularly for applications in fields like court reporting and live captioning. The keyboard is part of StenoKeyboards’ larger initiative to make stenography more accessible and user-friendly, especially for those new to this typing method.

7. Kickstarter - Konsivy Pro 4K Breakthrough Multifunctional WIFI Telescope
  • Launch time: 2024.1.4
  • Pledged In 72 Hours: HK$ 183,563
  • Backer In 72 Hours: 129 Backer
  • 72 Hours To Reach Goal: 1835%

The Konsivy Pro: 4K Breakthrough Multifunctional WIFI Telescope is an all-in-one telescope that has garnered significant attention and support on Kickstarter. This telescope integrates various functionalities, including telescope features, photography, and video capabilities, all enhanced by a 920mm equivalent focal length. A standout feature is its WIFI module, which allows users to download, edit, and share their astronomical observations and time-lapse videos in real-time.

8. Kickstarter - Machine Era Pencil
  • Launch time: 2024.1.4
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 7,204
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 65 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 72%

The Machine Era Pencil, a project featured on Kickstarter, is a thoughtfully designed writing tool that has successfully surpassed its funding goal. It features a click-activated mechanism and boasts a balanced design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A notable aspect of the pencil is its fully machined titanium clip, which adds to its durability and premium feel. This campaign by Adam Hogsett reflects an interest in high-quality, well-crafted writing instruments. The pencil’s design ensures a comfortable and efficient writing experience, making it an appealing choice for those who appreciate fine stationery and craftsmanship.

9. Kickstarter - Puresky Waste ComposterTurn Kitchen Waster into Composter
  • Launch time: 2024.1.4
  • Pledged In 24 Hours: US$ 18,649
  • Backer In 24 Hours: 48 Backer
  • 24 Hours To Reach Goal: 621%

The Puresky Waste Composter is a groundbreaking solution featured on Kickstarter for converting kitchen waste into organic compost. This smart recycling machine boasts a 4-liter stainless steel container, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its standout features include enhanced grinding efficiency with a sophisticated grinding system, three diverse operating modes (quick, standard, and fermentation), and silent operation under 60 decibels, ensuring a peaceful kitchen environment. Additionally, the Puresky Composter features a dual-filter box for effective odor elimination and water absorption, along with an intelligent reminder system for timely filter replacement. The design also allows for easy maintenance with detachable grinding blades.

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Allen Jones

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